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She is very loving, smart and protective of her owners. Shots were done at home so technically they may have to be redone by a vet if you are somewhere where the dog needs to be licensed.
10 month old 75% Cane Corso mastiff 25% Great Dane. Tether is super sweet. Loves to cuddle. Playful and very smart. 1 of her brothers and 1 of her sisters are also available. They are all great dogs and I don't want to let them go, but I have an out of state job and no longer have someone to watch them while I'm out of town. It's heartbreaking, but I don't have any other options and can't affor...
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Summary: Inviting home-away-from-home perfectly located in one of Colorado Springs most charming neighborhoods, known as Patty Jewett for its proximity to the Patty Jewett public golf course. This 3-BDRM, 2-Bath bungalow has a pool table and living room where family can gather and enjoy downtime while in Colorado Springs! While being in this location you ll enjoy delightful eateries, breweries,...
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