looking for moving boxes and/or packing materials for a move across states.
If you have an old dishwasher that you are getting rid of...I'd like the roller racks that come out of it
in need of moving boxes of all size. Please let me know if you think you can help. Thanks!
Just seeking a usable Propane Barbeque unit! I have a pickup with a shell on the bed, but could lay the unit on its side! Thank You so much!
looking for any type of sofa or chair cushions or foam rubber pieces. thanks
Thanks to those who have gave in the past we appreciate it. If you have retired, stored for years, have overflowing drawers, or just don't want to wear them anymore. please consider repurposing your nylons, pantyhose, and tights, we can use them. We will pickup local to COS. Thank you.
if your aspen are throwing unwanted babies happy to dig them out. looking for 6-7
I have to opportunity to pick up a double lubester and it's missing one of the pumps. I've attached pictures of the pump that's on the unit in hopes of finding it's twin. Please let me know if you have one you would be willing to sell or happen to know someone who might have one they would sell.